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  1. Wicker Park Developments Taking Over Area Surrounding Polish Triangle

    There’s no slowing down the real estate development in Wicker Park. In the past couple weeks, the community has gotten word about a potential 16-story apartment building as well as a 55-unit for-sale building, both of which are planned off Division Street. Link to Press Release

  2. Vermilion Development Begins Condo Sales in Wicker Park

    Vermilion Development will begin sales for Alcove M.D.P., its newest condominium and townhome development in Chicago. Located at 1648-1650 Division Street and adjacent to a new mixed-use rental development, Alcove M.D.P. will bring 43 condominiums and 12 townhomes to the heart of Wicker Park. Named for its coveted location between[…]

  3. Condo Market Starting to Blossom

    CHICAGO—During Chicago’s lengthy apartment boom, developers have been reluctant to break ground on new condo buildings, but things are beginning to change. Officials from Vermilion Development just announced plans to begin sales for Alcove MDP, a condominium and townhome development in the Wicker Park neighborhood. Link to Press Release

  4. Vermilion Development Readies Sales for Wicker Park Condos

    Vermilion Development said it would begin sales soon on Alcove M.D.P., the condominium and townhome development it’s building in Wicker Park. Located at 1648-1650 Division St. and adjacent to a mixed-use rental project, Alcove M.D.P. is named for its location between Milwaukee (M), Division (D) and Paulina (P) streets. Vermilion[…]

  5. 55 Condos, Townhouses Planned Near Division and Milwaukee

    Living on hot Division Street in Wicker Park without living on hot Division Street is one of the advantages that a planned set of 55 condos and townhouses will offer buyers. On a surface parking lot that lies behind buildings on Division just west of where it intersects with Milwaukee[…]

  6. Vermilion will build condo, townhome development in Wicker Park

    Vermilion Development will build a new residential complex in Wicker Park, with a 43-unit condo and 12 townhouses. Dubbed The Alcove M.D.P., the project will will rise just west of the Polish Triangle, near Milwaukee and Ashland avenues, Crain’s reported. Hirsch Architects designed the project, which will replace an existing[…]